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 How we serve: On demand to meet customer demands—no matter the state of your business


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Our Agents at a glance

Working Solutions has a business model that depends on the ability to instantaneously connect a large number of people to the right agent anywhere in the country without dropping any calls.

VP at Sprint

These people are more motivated, generally more mature, educated and generally have a background in leadership. We are actually realizing some pretty good double-digit savings from this.

Director Operations Management at Office Depot

We have been extremely pleased with the technology and the quality of Working Solutions’ agents. They are some of the most professional agents I've worked with. You'd never know they were at-home agents.

Director of Client Services at Ensenda
  • Account management and sales
  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Business Continuity
Account management and salesCustomer CareTechnical SupportSocial Media MonitoringBusiness Continuity

Thought Leadership

Making the Top 100


Making the Top 100

Working Solutions is recognized by FlexJobs as #13 of its Top 100 Companies out of 30,000+ in 2015.



Creating a Caring Culture


Creating a Caring Culture

Kim Houlne is student of different psychological management styles...from fiercely competitive workplaces to detached management to leaders who do right by people—her preferred style. From the start, Houlne sought to establish “a high degree of emotional intelligence” at Working Solutions.




Peter Sparks


Tips to Hire The Best

If you’re recruiting for your remote call center, here are some tips on how to find the best agents out of what will probably be hundreds, if not thousands of applicants:




Be Water My Friend


"Be water, my friend."

Let’s state the obvious: To deliver great service, you first must understand how a business runs—becoming one with it.

A service provider has to know the ins and outs of a client’s operations, from customers to processes to lifecycles. By definition, responsive service has to be fluid—in thought and action.





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Glassdoora window into us

It's worth knowing that agents like working for us—with a 4+ star rating on Glassdoor. And that feeling comes through when they're serving customers. Our agents, in fact, have delivered increases from 20% to 30% in add-on sales, sales close rates, first-call resolutions, customer satisfaction scores and average order values. That's a double-digit endorsement that benefits any business.

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