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  • “It has been a blessing and a personal privilege to work alongside America's Best Agents to provide America's Best Customer Care.”


  • “The training is first rate, and I feel like I am learning and growing every day - more than I would in a traditional office.”


  • “An outstanding company that treat their independent contractors with respect and loyalty.”

    –Agent & Glassdoor member - San Diego, CA

  • “I have a lawyer and a cpa in the family who want my job.”

    –Current Agent via Glassdoor

  • “Satisfying professionally and personally - there are many opportunities to learn new skills, enhance the ones we have.”

    –Sandra - LA

  • “Working Solutions is Hands Down the Best Work- At-Home Company!”

    –Agent & Glassdoor member

Join a great team! 90% of our agents recommend us. * Glassdoor

At Working Solutions, independent contractors can put their experience to work and enjoy the freedom of working when they want, where they want. We are the leader in home agent contact centers and cloud‑based technology solutions. We connect companies with flexible, experienced representatives who are responsible, self-motivated, dependable and professional. Our goal: To give our partner companies’ customers a great experience every time they interact with our work‑at‑home agents.

We select highly educated, experienced professionals with product knowledge, certifications and industry experience to match our clients’ business needs.

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Available Programs

Important: List in order of your preference the top 3 programs you wish to support. Fill in program code words in the additional information section of your application.

TelCo- Please list "Telco" when you apply

  • Technology savvy
  • Strong customer service/sales
  • Looking for people who would like to make this a career
  • Great incentives on this program
  • The minimum commitment is 20 hours/week: weekdays and early evenings, highest need in the afternoons
Vacation Sales- Please list "Vacation Sales" when you apply
  • Outbound program
  • Appointment setting
  • Great incentives on this program
  • The minimum commitment is 20 hours/week: available weekdays, nights and weekends
Event Ticketing- Please list "Event Ticketing" when you apply
  • Technology Savvy
  • Strong customer service
  • Fan of sports, the arts and/or concerts
  • Challenging and fun program
  • The minimum commitment is 20 hours/week with seasonal spikes and weekends
Car Rental- Please list "Car Rental" when you apply
  • Technology Savvy
  • Strong customer service
  • Travel experience preferred
  • The minimum commitment on this program is 20 hours/week
Elder Care- Please list "Elder Care" when you apply
  • Strong customer service
  • Empathy
  • Cross-selling, closing skills are helpful
  • The minimum commitment on this program is 20 hours/week
Corporate Travel-Please list "Corporate Travel" when you apply
  • Corporate travel experience
  • Recent Sabre or other GDS experience
  • The minimum commitment on this program is 25 hours/week
  • The program hours run 24/7




We are currently seeking individuals with experience in these areas:


    Customer service

    Technical support




    Financial services





     Appointment Setting


Additional requirements: listening skills, organization, creativity and enthusiasm!

Are you looking for a rewarding career working from your own home office anywhere in the United States, setting your own schedule and controlling your own earning potential? Apply Now!


To qualify, you must have:

    A quiet U.S.-based home office

    A PC with current technology

    High-speed Internet service

    A land-line telephone and headset

    Good computer skills

    Strong communications skills





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