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  • 1. Watch our agent culture video to the left
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  • 3. Watch the 15 minute video for program details & sample calls
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  • 5. Complete the brief AT&T product and skill matching quiz

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Frequently Asked Questions


What’s next?

Please view the information above in its entirety and complete the quiz.

Are we paid for program preparation?

Time in “Prep” is reimbursed in phases which are outlined in the notification.

How long is Prep?

There are 5 weeks of information and practice time, with days off each week.

Do we need to stay in the same Prep group the whole time?

Yes. This is to ensure you receive all the necessary information, and build strong relationships from the start.

Why am I required to pay a deposit to hold my spot?

Many agents are competing for a place on this program; your commitment is critical and your deposit is fully refundable upon completion, plus interest!

How many hours can I work?

Agents work at least 20 hours/week, and more are welcome! Hours between 2:00pm and 7:00pm central are most plentiful at this time.

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