Who We Serve

Serving Clients and Customers — Industry by Industry

Industry knowledge is the front door into any business. For almost 20 years, we’ve demonstrated our know-how in serving FORTUNE 500 clients, mid-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Our professional, on-demand agents are aligned by industries—be they:

  • Medical professionals for healthcare
  • Salespeople for retail
  • Hospitality experts for travel


Nationwide, we draw from a network of 110,000+ registered agents, 20% of whom are bilingual.

Unlike other companies, we pay our agents to first learn your business and customers—with their commitment to work selected programs.

Once onboard, they are paid for their time and rewarded for achieving client-specific goals, from operational metrics to corner office expectations.

Our success is measured by front-line performance—and big picture contributions to the business. We guarantee an 8-to-14% increase in return on investment while improving service quality and reducing the cost of operations.

Be it inbound service or outbound sales, we know how to serve and deliver—industry by industry.

Industries We Serve

The first question a client usually asks is: “Do you have experience in our business or industry?” Most often, the answer is yes.

And if not, we adapt by applying the fundamentals of great customer care and service, which translate into any industry. We believe in the idea of borrowed wisdom to benefit business—any business.

Here are some examples of our agents’ work:

Retail – Handling big-venue ticket sales, serving home improvement do-it-your-selfers and helping customers dress for success.
Energy – Helping utilities turn up the heat on customer care while lowering consumer energy costs through responsive contact center services.
Travel and Hospitality – Making the journey smoother for travelers through our work with global travel agencies, name-brand hoteliers and transportation rental services.
Communications – Managing interactions to ensure consumers stay connected, no matter what issue needs to be resolved or which service provider is handling the call.
Healthcare – Responding to complex medical questions, guiding Medicaid patients on their healthcare options and assisting a provider with discount drug program.
Financial Services – Facilitating well-being and peace of mind for customers, from data privacy to insurance to warranty protection programs.

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