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Working Solutions' Agent Appreciation Week


End-of-the-week Message from Kim:

Success is sweet.



Join us in congratulating these agents, their hard work and loyalty. As Working Solutions continues to grow our business we thank you for your long-term support and your continuing commitment to excellence. You set the standard.


Cecile Barclay

Patricia L Hern

Dionne M Henry

Casilyn Lewis

Jessica Luanne Barnard

Lisamarie Charles

Premier Global Solutions

Quality Assurance Inc

Rose M Ruiz

All About India LLC

Debra A Waters

Leah Kelly

Susan K Swaser

Linda Diane Becker

Natalia V Scott

Constance L Sorensen

Shelly A Wallace

Cheryl R Richardson

Melissa J Wilson

Barry J Napier

Missy Mckenzie

Monica Jean Lebeau

Clare L Burrows

Jane Collins

Susie Kang

Robert E Veilleux

CL Boardman Agency LLC

Nona R Perry

Juanina G Young

Michele Terkelsen

Laura Michelle Craig

Jane Robertson Todd

Sackia Debara Austin

Tammy R Smith

Ruby J Porter

Haylie Warnick

Paula Gierlach

Darlene P Dudley

Rosalee Roland

Bonnie A Ondusko

Janice Reed

Sandra D`Arcy

Romanowski Virtual Services Inc.

Dewana Renee Woodard

Sona L Cooper

Sheila M Legodais

Leon Castellano

Karen Peters-Jackson

Paula Koch

Solita KMejico-Fong

Staci Murray

Veronica Hall-Overstreet

Kim D Jones

Chalex Inc

Regina Michelle Smith

Cheryl A Kelley

Joy Brown

Marlene G. Miller

Judy C Hicks

Darlene L Lane

Helen Jones

Oneil York

Yolanda R Shaver

International Vacations Inc.

Libby Shields

Inez O Smith

Michelle Dalby

Rebecca Logan

Benjamin R. Cutler Jr.

Maureen M. Cutler

Jennifer Mary Bolton

Felicia Manocchio

Dan Rothenberg

Karla L Roach

Tara Nicole Bateman

Lilian Gallardo

Patricia L Coleman

Jaime Christine Lane

Virtual Services Inc.

Candice L Kaye

Susan M Hogan

Beth S.Buzzelli

Danielle Hopkins

Opal A Bush

Nichole J Clary

Gayle Berryhill

Sandra D Colpean

Pamela A.Smith

Sharhean Gomes

Antoinette Shull

Carolyn Jean Creswell

Cody L Buckley

Dana Seay

Darcell S Williams Phoenix

Dorna Devon Arnold

Evelyn Braggs

Jocelyn Rovira


Kimberly J. Anderson-Hardin

L & S Company

Martha T Soto-Galicia

Maurice D Harp

Melina I. Ryter

Paula Mayers

Sabrina Lynnette Smith

Sherri A Werth

Teresa G Gray

Vicky Thomas

Wendy M Page

Elizabeth Porto

Angela Carrera

Colleen A Hayes

Susan E Yank

Congratulations to the top performers in each program!

As a token of our appreciation, each shining star will receive an Amazon gift card. Let’s give them a big WooHoo!



  Shining Stars

1. Kiki Rambo from Pace, FL

2. Louise Boyle from Cameron Park, CA

3. Tammy Defoe from San Antonio, TX





We haven't forgotten the Quality Awards, so stay tuned!


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